let go of SELF DOUBT.


with tracy wren

Faith Mindset

Faith Mindset

The answer is simple.

Acquire a faith mindset.

Detach from the world's way of mindset practices that keep you stuck in bondage.   

Renew your mindset to let go of false rooted beliefs, and finally break free from the lies and deception that had control over you for far too long.

I want in on the
Faith Mindset Course

Gain clarity.
Get confidence.
Get better results in all areas of your life.

Acquiring a faith mindset is the ONLY way you’ll ever be able to create real momentum for taking risks to the path God has ordained for your life;

the one you know you’re here for but have been too afraid to get started or to make it happen.

This intensive mindset framework will lay the spiritual foundation that last a lifetime. Get ready to transforming your mind into having full faith in believing with 100% certainty that you can achieve anything God called you to (no matter how scary big it is!)  

I get it, I’m Tracy Wren. Jesus-follower, Wife, Mom to 3, and ex-new age entrepreneur.

I’m a business and mindset coach for Jesus followers and ex-new agers. I’m also the founder of the Faith to Freedom® Podcast. 

Before stepping into my coaching business full-time, I climbed the ladder of worldly success in a demanding marketing career working alongside award-winning authors and well-known online marketing gurus where I helped hundreds of small business owners with online marketing, using new-age and worldly practices.

God revealed His truth to me after the passing of my best friend. Now, I walk other Christians through the transition process breaking free from worldly beliefs, guiding you to have a God-led business and mindset. 

This course is different than anything you’ve ever seen because most mindset courses use law of attraction, manifesting and other new age principles.
The Faith To Freedom® mindset dives into God’s promises, His way of mind restoration and renewal. 

I don’t play small with fluffy motivation pep talks, we get real inside this course.
Your progress in renewing your mindset and beliefs are not solely dependent on you. We are called to follow God's Word and have wise counsel. 

You don't have to do this alone.
There's an easier way. 

This course helps you navigate the process of mind renewal with a step by step approach. Get ready to rewire your mind and reset your entire life so you can finally walk into the woman God called you to be for such a time like this.


Faith To Freedom® Mindset Framework


Module 02

In this training, you reflect back on your faith journey by addressing doubt, fear, hopelessness and lack of mentality. By the end of this mighty module, you'll be able to identify and pull out the roots of mindset blocks, limiting and the worldly beliefs that have manipulated and controlled you for far too long.

mindset inventory REFLECTION

Module 03

Knowing who you are equips you with the critical ground work for acquiring a faith mindset. You walk differently, love differently, you believe differently. In this lesson you will heal your identity and confidence moving you that much closer to a stronger faith mindset. Get ready to be transformed into who God says you are, leaving behind what the world says you have to be.

Identity Intensive


What's inside

Module 01

Get ready to be planted in faith. In this module we dig deep into where faith comes from, how to acquire faith and the importance of faith placement. Here you'll see trainings that demonstrate the truth of faith + mind. It all starts here.  In this lesson you'll learn how to be planted in faith so you do not waver when fear and doubt attempt to creep in. This module lays the firm foundation for the modules to come.

rooted in him

Module 04

The stories you tell yourself shape the life you live. Your beliefs determine what actions you take or (don't) and what goals you go after. In this lesson you will learn how to effectively re-wire reoccurring thoughts, stories and beliefs one belief at a time. I show you how to re-wire your thought processing system by analyzing the belief and debunking lies with truth. Once you recognize the lies and beliefs from the enemy, you get to replace them with God's truth instead. Hello, taking thoughts captive! 


Module 05

No one stays motived but with the right tools and resources we can be trained to be disciplined. This module takes you through the ongoing transformation of mind renewal. Using my God-centered pattern Interrupt method, you'll walk away with a customized process for a disciplined mindset, leading you to a renewed mind. You’ll learn powerful tools and practices so you can create a daily mindset practice. It’s time to give up fear and self doubt once and for all. 


Module 06

Now it's time make a clear action forward. Forget all the worldly ways to "call" in what you want and make an action plan for what God wants from you, operating with less fear, more faith. Here's where you get equipped to do the work God has called you to do. In this module, you'll take your vision and make a plan to walk by faith, using your new found faith mindset. Say yes to finally stepping ALL in to what God has been calling you to do all along. 

Write the vision and MOVE into action

I want in on the Faith Mindset Course